Solidarity with Alex Hundert and all Land Defenders!

Hi y’all,

Alex Hundert, another G20 “main conspiracy group” defendant, has been sentenced to 13.5 months. Thanks to Alex’s persistent self defence in the media and in the courtrooms, many people have come to understand more deeply the mechanisms of state control. He speaks plainly about the intertwined nature of corporate greed and the ongoing erasure of ways of life that are harmonious with the rest of the web of life, particularly as these ways of life are ingrained in indigenous cultural traditions.

In a statement available at Conspire to Resist, Alex writes:

“[T]hose who were most directly targeted by the intelligence/security operation against activists in the lead up to the G20 were those whose primary organising work includes building linkages and relationships with the strong network of Indigenous Sovereigntists and their allies, migrant justice organisers, and anarchists. The policing operation was largely designed to disrupt those relationships and that movement building. These are standard tactics used against the resistance movements that arise from Indigenous and other racialized or otherwise targeted communities.”

Our connections with one another are the biggest threat to authoritarian control; as we struggle for dignity and health, it is clear that the diversity of our experiences combined makes for a powerful movement.

As soon as a mailing address for Alex is confirmed it will be posted here.

In related news, land defenders around these parts are encouraged to support the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp.

There’s a lot going on these days folks, so grab your black flags and hit the streets/woods!

loving solidarity to the freedom fighters! fire to the prisons!

UPDATE! Please write to Alex at:

Alex Hundert
Toronto West Detention Centre
111 Disco Rd
Box 4950
Rexdale, ON
M9W 5L6


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