PNW Grand Jury Investigation Deepens

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New information has emerged about the grand jury targeting Pacific Northwest anarchists. Documents provided to Eugene, Oregon’s Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) indicate that the grand jury, which many had guessed had been convened as a result of May Day protests in Seattle this year, actually began on March 2. This would suggest that the scope of the grand jury is larger than previously thought.

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fire to the prisons, fuck the cistem!



solidarity to our comrades in Denver

hey y’all, 

comrades in Denver have been erroneously and maliciously linked to recent horrific events. We’ve all experienced the vilification of anarchism/anarchists, and this latest right-wing stunt takes it even farther. 

Please read the statement from Denver ABC here:

solidarity and love to the freedom fighters.


Fuck the FBI, Fuck NATO! Support Migs & Sabi

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Anarchist NATO Prisoners Migs and Sabi Need Support

Lost in all the hype surrounding the NATO 3 and Tinley Park 5, two other anarchist prisoners are languishing in Cook County Jail in need of support. Mark Neiweem (Migs) and Sebastian Senakiewicz (Sabi) are being held on serious charges and exorbitant bail. Both were arrested before the NATO summit on bogus accusations involving explosives. Migs is charged with attempting to purchase pipe bomb ingredients form an informant, while Sabi allegedly plotted to blow up a train bridge.

General conditions in Cook County Jail are abysmal. Stabbings are common occurrences and the food often contains rat feces. Prisoners often do not see the light of day for their entire time there, as they are transferred between buildings through underground tunnels. In addition Migs and Sabi are being singled out for further abuse as political prisoners. Jail administrators are instigating other inmates to attack them. Migs was held naked in solitary for five days on a bogus suicide watch, with 24-hour lighting, freezing temperatures, and a broken toilet.

As if this weren’t enough, Migs is being dogged on the outside by unsubstantiated rumors that he is an informant. An article to this effect was posted on Anarchist News the day after his arrest, only to be taken down the next day. Apparently some Chicago anarchists are unclear about which end of an entrapment sting the snitch is on. Nonetheless, Occupy Chicago continues to support Migs and Sabi and all the Chicago prisoners. They can’t do it all themselves, though.

How you can help: Send letters, zines and money! Migs and Sabi can be reached at the addresses below. Remember to take the staples out of any zines you send, as mail with staples is sometimes rejected on the grounds that they are weapons.

Write them at:
Sebastian Senakiewicz
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Mark Neiweem
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Wire money to their commissary accounts. This is the only way they can buy things like toothpaste and better food.

Account = Inmate name – # Inmate number
To contribute to the Chicago bail fund:

there is also a site calling for support for Chris French, another NATO arrestee.
love & solidarity to the freedom fighters.